It’s now easy to get tickets refunded online. On Vietnam Airlines’ website, you can send a refund request and arrange for the refund to be sent to your bank account in five simple steps.

Step 1:

Visit our website: and select Refund/Auto refund to account.

Step 2:

Enter your Passenger name record (PNR), Last name, Email; then click Search. The system will display the passenger’s details and ticket number.

Step 3:

Select the passenger information/ticket number to be refunded, then click Continue. (If the PNR includes an infant or travel insurance, the auto-refund system only reimburses all customers in the PNR).

Step 4:

Check your refund information. Tick the box Accept Refund Terms and Conditions and click Refund.

Step 5: Ticket refund

The system will display a success notification and send an email confirming the ticket refund to the passenger. The email contains information about the refund terms and time limit in accordance with Vietnam Airlines’ regulations.

Note: This feature does not apply to tickets issued online via Vietnam Airlines website/App purchased using special payment methods such as POS (Counter TCB, VCB, Airpay, Payoo), Konbini, or tickets bought using Money and Bonus Miles.