Pham Quoc Bao

Flight Crew Division 919, Vietnam Airlines.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam Airlines remains on the frontline, evacuating Vietnamese nationals from outbreak centers and ensuring flight safety. Exposed to the risks of infection, Vietnam Airlines’ staff members have stayed strong and hopeful. This month, pilots and flight attendants on duty share their experiences in these difficult times.

We are not heroes
When throwing ourselves into the epicenter
We’re willing to sacrifice

It’s just that simple
The whole world is shaking
When the outbreak seems unstoppable
When people’s lives are the top priority
One chance of escape is valuable
Who are my people, my blood???
They are stuck somewhere
They live in fear
Every second, every minute
But rest assured, our countrymen…
We will always come for you
Anywhere, as long as you’re there waiting
Regardless of grave dangers…
We are not heroes
We do feel afraid
But looking at children’s desperate eyes
Our fear has faded
Please wait … we are coming… it won’t take long…