Significant advances in our digital transformation have brought a new look to Vietnam Airlines (VNA) and improved passenger experiences via smart technology and more personalized services, especially since the Covid-19 outbreak began.

Safer and more convenient

Let’s start with how you interact with VNA. A quick look on social networks (Facebook, Instagram), travel websites (Abay, Tripi, Traveloka, Ivivu, Klook), e-wallets (Momo, VNPay), or popular search engines (Google, Coc Coc, etc.), metasearch (Google Flights, Wego, Skyscanner, Coc Coc, Kayak) will show you many of VNA’s products at any given time. Passengers can also download our mobile application or visit our website at to easily book their desired services and enjoy many attractive promotions.

Benefits of our online services

  • Easily prepare for your trips by looking up key info, such as regulations at your destination, popular tourist sites, transport options, and much more;
  • Find affordable prices;
  • Reserve tickets, buy extra seats or pre-paid baggage, and choose your preferred seat, etc.;
  • Reserve special services;
  • Complete online check-in;
  • Refund or exchange tickets online;
  • Save time and help prevent the spread of Covid-19 thanks to limited physical contact.

Our advanced customer services provide many new benefits for both Vietnamese and foreign passengers. During the past year, over 1.5 million passengers have used our multi-language chatbot service (Q&A, 24/7 customer support at to look up information and find answers in an accurate and timely manner.

Services to personalize passenger experiences have also been enhanced to best serve our customers. VNA now engages with our customers via email, SMS, our mobile application, website, etc. to provide instant support. In addition, customers are offered useful services, such as the option to buy extra-baggage and service upgrades, check-in online, and learn where to find checked bags instantly upon arrival. Passengers are also alerted to any flight schedule changes or updates via these channels.

More diverse and convenient payment methods are also on offer. On top of various card payment methods, such as by credit, debit, or ATM, customers can now enjoy many special offers thanks to other partnership programs with online payment service providers like Momo, VNPay, Be application, Payoo, etc. E-invoice is also available upon ticket purchase.

Lotusmiles members can use their accumulated or awarded miles in combination with cash to pay for flight tickets. In the first half of 2021, Lotusmiles members used more than 30 million awarded miles for ticket purchases. During this same period, over 50,000 e-invoices were issued upon customers’ requests, and transactions via Momo, VNPay, and other e-wallets grew by 10%. Moreover, technology is bringing customers more comfort and convenience inflight. Notably, the VNA – FPT Play entertainment service is available for a total of 30 hours (24 hours before your scheduled departure time to 6 hours after your scheduled arrival time) with up to 600 hours of entertainment shows on offer.

Always searching for solutions

Vietnam Airlines’ journey of digital transformation has been underway for years, starting with the “revolution” of changing from paper tickets to e-tickets over a decade ago, along with increased investment into more modern technical infrastructure.

Pioneering digital technologies have not only resulted in a discernible difference in terms of service quality but have also helped VNA to proactively overcome and mitigate the impacts of the Covid-19 outbreak. High-tech solutions are critical to our objectives of safe operations and effective disease prevention and control, while maintaining our leading position in the aviation industry and generating revenues, optimizing costs, and maximizing savings. In 2021, VNA set out to reduce costs and save over VND6,800 billion. This is being made possible thanks to our digital transformation, which has improved labor productivity, and reduced various costs in labor and venue rentals, ticket office maintenance, discounts for agents, commissions, and much more.

Over the past year, Vietnam Airlines’ app has been downloaded more than 2.8 million times. Traffic to our website has hit 30 million visits, 12 million of which were new visitors. Statistics from the first six months of 2021 also showed that the proportion of revenues from online channels increased by over 5% compared to the same period in 2020, while the visit conversion rate approached 4%, a year-on-year increase of 1%. User ratings on both iOS and Android increased to 3.4/5 and 4.3/5 respectively. Furthermore, VNA was rated the leading customer experience brand in Vietnam by KPMG, scoring across six important pillars: Integrity, resolution, expectation, time and effort, personalization, and empathy.

A well-established digital platform has also enabled VNA to expand collaborations with other leading e-commerce partners to raise revenues and provide many new and added-value services to customers. These collaborations can be viewed as “epic handshakes” that are in line with modern trends and will help VNA to overcome and mitigate negative impacts on the market and business operations and to embrace the future for market recovery.

A future model

Digital transformation is a global trend. As a result, VNA plans to transform our online sales channels and digital services into our core sales channels by 2025.

To prepare for the reopening of international flight routes using “Vaccine passports”, VNA has collaborated with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and become the first carrier in Vietnam to trial the IATA Travel Pass mobile application from July 2021. The development of contactless and self-help services is prioritized for the upcoming period to accommodate this trend during the pandemic. Furthermore, VNA is gradually completing our “Online tourism ecosystem” by collaborating with other partners to establish platforms for selling tours, logistics services, e-vouchers, and additional products.

Another future model aims toward developing a super database with AI-powered analysis and optimization features to provide customers with unique and personalized experiences based on their preferences. A “virtual assistant” is another forthcoming goal of VNA. This will help simplify the travel process by recommending suitable flight routes, accommodations, and places to visit, ultimately eliminating the time needed to research and evaluate options prior to your trip. At the same time, digital transformation, e-commerce development, and technology will further aid VNA’s performance, cost reductions, and reform of administrative procedures.

Soon, VNA will launch many new projects to further improve customers’ experiences. Download the app, visit our website, and follow VNA on social media to explore and discover many surprises as we catch the waves of digital transformation.

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