1. Card Registration for Bonus Miles

By opening a Vietnam Airlines – Standard Chartered co-branded debit card, Lotusmiles members who are priority customers of Standard Chartered will receive 20,000 bonus miles when their spending reaches VND 15 million within two months after the date of card activation. Lotusmiles members can also accrue bonus miles for spending, purchasing insurance, or depositing their savings from now until June 30, 2021. In addition, Lotusmiles members who open a Standard Chartered Worldmiles credit card will receive 24,000 bonus miles if their spending reaches VND 20 million within two months after card activation.
2. Promotion Program for Loyal Customers

Lotusmiles members who join the Loyal Customer Program MB Star for individual customers will receive StarPoints from MBBank. StarPoints can be transferred to friends and family who are also MB Star members, converted to Lotusmiles bonus miles at the rate of 21 StarPoints for 1 mile, or exchanged for other great gifts such as e-vouchers for travel, shopping and dining. Lotusmiles members will receive 1,000 StarPoints when downloading the MBBank application and successfully registering their accounts at http://bit.ly/newsmbvna.
3. Claim Missing Miles with Ease

When traveling with Vietnam Airlines and Pacific Airlines, Lotusmiles bonus miles will be preserved in all cases. If miles have not been applied to your account 14 days after your flight, please log into your Lotusmiles account via the mobile application or at www.vietnamairlines.com, select “Claim Missing Miles,” and fill in the information of the related flight. Lotusmiles members can also contact Vietnam Airlines branches and provide their tickets and boarding passes to quickly receive support.
4. Chance for Bonus Miles

From now until June 6, 2021, Lotusmiles members who own SHB international credit cards will be able to accumulate loyalty points for their spending at the conversion rate of VND 1,000 for 1 SHB loyalty point. SHB loyalty points can be converted to Lotusmiles bonus miles at rates depending on the cardholder’s membership type. For further information on the program and how to redeem SHB loyalty points, please visit www.shb.com.vn.
Information on these promotion programs is available at www.vietnamairlines.com