Flight attendant Hoang Tu Anh 14 – Vietnam Airlines.

Goodbye, my child. I’ve got to go,
Uncertain when I can see you on my return.
Behave yourself and sleep tight
While mommy serves our country wholeheartedly.
I falter at the sound of your voice.
Swallowing my tears, I bite my lips.
Darling, my colleagues are waiting for me
To fly with them to affected zones. 
The finish line is yet to be seen,
But each flight shall keep Vietnam safe.
In peacetime, I was a hard worker
Who brought joy to passengers everywhere.
I have now turned into a warrior, 
Throwing myself into afflicted zones.
My áo dài flies through clouds despite my hidden longing for you.
Who says warriors have no fear? 
I do, the fear of being away from you for an extended period. 
But we can’t afford to lose this battle.
With my fear and my faith, I bid you goodbye.
When you miss me, please look up at the sky.
I will be one of the myriad bright stars.
Every morning when you wake up,
I will be the sun that warms your loving heart.
I will infuse countless miracles
Into your life while I am away.
No matter how boundless the Earth is,
My rays of sunshine will pierce through clouds and get to you.
Eventually, happiness will rise, so wait for me, my darling!