Eternal witnesses

Haipiano Nguyen Join us as we travel through the Himalayas visiting famous Buddhist stupas In the midst of the snowcapped Himalayas, the most notable structures are stupas – sacred towers also known as chortens. Stupas are the oldest architectural monuments created by Buddhist cultures. In the snowy Himalayas they are symbols of the spread of Buddhism. According to Vajrayana Buddhism, […]

30/07/2020 - Heritage

Xe Ra Mit, a creative space for Hoi An pottery

Bui Cong Khanh The first pottery arts studio in Hoi An, Xe Ra Mit was founded to showcase and help develop the local pottery industry. A dish shaped like the spathe of an areca tree “Xe Ra Mit” was named by localizing the English word “ceramic”. In 2016, I decided to return to my hometown of Hoi An to live […]

22/07/2020 - Art

Then – The dance of heaven on earth

Story: Tan Vinh Photos: Tan Vinh, Thanh Ha The traditional ceremony of Then is a fascinating blend of song, dance and colorful costumes. Ethnic women dancing with dan tinh, a sacred stringed instrument in a Then ceremony Then singing is popular in Vietnam’s Northwest among White Thai communities, mostly in Lai Chau and Dien Bien, and in the Northeast in […]

20/07/2020 - Heritage



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