To maintain our seamless flight services and security for all passengers, Vietnam Airlines is implementing a series of safety and hygiene standards in line with the latest protocols of the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and the Government of Vietnam.

Deployment of safe, modern aircraft:

99.99% of dust, bacteria and viruses are removed by HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters in our aircrafts’ cabins;

Every 3 minutes: The cabin air is automatically refreshed to remove viral and bacterial contaminants.

The only Vietnamese airline to disinfect its entire fleet:

100% of our aircraft are sterilized with CH2200 Disinfection Spraying Solution prior to passengers’ boarding. This disinfectant is approved by medical authorities and aircraft manufacturers.

100% of aircraft are disinfected immediately after landing, before the next flight;

100% of aircraft are sprayed with disinfectant at the end of the day, and the chemical is left overnight to maximize its effect.

Special cleaning procedures:

– All cabins, toilets, galley areas etc. are cleaned daily with Netbiokem DSAM to maintain the safety and good health of passengers;

– All staff are equipped with protective gear: medical hats, antibacterial masks, and double-layer gloves;

– Cleaning procedures involve three types of towels: White towels for surfaces of cabins and overhead compartments; Yellow towels for galley areas; and Pink towels for toilets;

– Deep cleaning is performed on frequently-touched surfaces and items such as folding tables, armrests, entertainment screens, headphones etc.

– Special support equipment such as airstairs, aerobridges, and vehicles for mobility assistance are also cleaned and disinfected;

– Disinfectant mats are used in pre–boarding areas;

– The Lotus Lounges, check-in counters, self check-in kiosks, and frequently-touched areas are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. Antiseptic liquid is placed at convenient locations.


– Passengers are required to submit health declarations, and wear masks in airports and during their flights;

– The body temperature of passengers is measured prior to the flight;

– Passengers with a body temperature above 37.5oC or unusual health symptoms shall be denied boarding;

– Passengers are encouraged to use remote services such as online booking and check-in; kiosk check-in; telephone check-in; in-town check-in; Prepaid baggage, etc. These services help passengers to be proactive, save time, and limit physical contact at the airport.

Flying with Vietnam Airlines, you can relax and embark on new journeys across Vietnam, as your health and safety are always our top priority.