The Vietnamese aviation industry’s first international commercial flight into Vietnam

At noon on September 25, Vietnam Airlines flight VN417 departing from Seoul (South Korea) landed safely at Noi Bai International Airport. This marked the Vietnamese aviation industry’s first international commercial flight to Vietnam following a […]

25/09/2020 - News

Vietnam Airlines to open bookings for international flights to Vietnam

Vietnam Airlines officially opens bookings for flight VN417 from Seoul (Korea) to Hanoi, scheduled to depart on 25 September 2020. This is the first official scheduled international commercial flight to Vietnam since the COVID-19 situation […]

24/09/2020 - News

Hotel reservation discounts

Lotusmiles Platinum and Gold members who book hotel rooms for two or more nights on using the code VNAFUSION will receive the following discounts on room charges: 25% at Fusion Resort Cam Ranh, Fusion […]

15/09/2020 - News

Where canals run through the countryside

Story: Prof. Trinh Sinh Photos: Ba Ngoc, Jet Huynh, Le Bich, Tonkin Đồng bằng sông Cửu Long với hệ thống kênh rạch chằng chịt chảy qua những miệt vườn trù phú. The land of fruit […]

22/09/2020 - Local Culture

The soul of a Nation

Story: Thu Huong Photos: Vietnam Fine Arts Museum The Fine Arts Museum is home to works by the most revered painters of Vietnam, including the painting Two Girls and a Child (1944), one of the […]

22/09/2020 - Art

Lotus on the artifacts

Doctor Le Thi Tuyet For quite some time, lotuses have become a special symbol in Vietnamese’s lives, bearing a beautiful meaning, representing everything that is elegant and classy Four layered lotus shaped cap. Gold. Champa […]

16/09/2020 - Local Culture

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